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                hand-crafted electric violas

Purple Prodigy Electric ViolaDue to the increased demand
I have added the Viola to my line of electric stringed instruments. It comes in 2 models, the Prodigy and the Omega. The Prodigy version features a Select Curly Maple top and neck with a Black Walnut body and lower bout. The Omega is more full bodied with a Select Spruce top with a neck and back of highly figured Curly Maple.

Most players are ordering the 5-string version. It can be set up with a Low F string or High E to allow violists a much wider spectrum of sound. Of course you can have it all with the 6 string model. I use the Barbera Multi-Transducer Bridge for its ability to fully deliver the range of tone and nuance of these Violas.

Listen to a sample of a Vector Electric Viola.

Omega Electric ViolaIdeally, a Viola should be 21" long to properly support its regular acoustical range which is far too big to handle, but an electric Viola has no such constraints and is able to fully reproduce the deep, rich tones at any volume you desire.  The body size of my Viola is nominally 15-1/2” (393mm) with a 14-9/16” (370mm) scale, although every one is considered a custom instrument and built to your specifications

Vector Electric Violas are lightweight (16oz) and play effortlessly. They are responsive to every nuance of the bow and feedback is never an issue.

The final result is an instrument that enables violists to plug in and enjoy the benefits of amplification and sound processing. It balances nicely on the shoulder, has warm, acoustic overtones and just seems to play itself.

Call today for a trial and experience the Vector Electric Viola for yourself

                  Omega Electric ViolaVIOLA PRICES:

Prodigy 4 String $ 1,995
Prodigy Pro 4 String $ 2,395
Prodigy Pro 5 String $ 2,595
Prodigy Pro 6 String $ 2,895

Custom Color
$ 250
Onboard Preamp $ 195
Volume $ 75

Omega 4 String $ 2,795
Omega 5 String $ 2,995
Omega 6 String $ 3,095

Custom Color $ 275
Onboard Preamp $ 195
Volume $ 75

Comes with case and 1-year warranty. Left handed models add 15%