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Electric Violin Testimonials

I think this is just beautiful!! The color is exactly what I was imagining!!

Linda Relph, lead Violin with the Killdares
- 4 Grammy nominations 2002 - Austin, Texas

I am still loving my electric violin and it has yet to let me down for a gig after 3.5 years! I play about 200 shows per year so that's a
testament to your craftsmanship and talent! Thanks again for making such wonderful, playable instruments.

Lyndell Montgomery

We took the Vector Millennium to Ashland yesterday for Beth's violin lesson. Her teacher, Carol Shive, who has been in the music biz for 30 years, called it "the Rolls Royce of electric violins". I hope you enjoy this assessment!

Marilyn Walkey – California

Just wanted to let you know that I am thrilled with the electric violin and that I agree with you that the C string is just stunning.

David Mathews, PhD
- School of Music, University of New South Wales – Australia

Thanks so much for letting me try out the instrument. I fell in love with it immediately and knew that I didn’t need to look any further.

J.Quick, Denver, CO.

If you ever need an endorsement for your wonderful electric violin, please be sure and have your prospective customer contact me. You’ve got a big fan in Virginia.

D.Hokkanen, Winchester, VA

I am really enjoying playing the violin and make any excuse to play that C string!! At last I have put pen to paper (in a sense!!) and say how much I have been enjoying the violin. I have been playing at a variety of venues, more recently a restaurant in a ski resort in the Blue Mountains, and constantly have complements from adults and children alike, who think my electric violin (both the sound and the color!) is great! I love the C string- it produces a gorgeous sound! When people ask about my violin I always tell them your name and how you made it, and they are always very impressed. So thank you once again for your wonderful craftsmanship!

Helen Wilding Smith

We really appreciated having access to the Millennium for our recording project. What a beautiful handling instrument.


Thanks for the demo…what a great instrument. As I researched electric violins on the web there are surprisingly few reputable luthiers and good designs. Yours is one of the few that I even considered.

Lisa Critchfield

This is to confirm that I am delighted with the electric violin I purchased several months ago. I have since found a great pkg. system as it relates to a cordless mike all people who heard me perform using this instrument were impressed. Again, I want to thank you for helping me find the instrument that works.

Barry Calkin, NYC

I'm in love!!! It's like playing a viola within a violin with cello overtones!! I just played for an hour straight without putting it down, but I had to thank you! The C string is unbelievable!!!! I'm going to call one of my students, so she can come over and hear this wonderful sound!!! I'm in heaven!!

Ellie Riskin - Tampa Symphony – Florida

It's a thing of beauty! And it plays wonderfully. Thank you again.

Paul Douglas, Halifax

Thank you for the great instrument, the sound is fantastic

J.Huggard. San Jose Ca

The electric violin sounded beautifully. My two daughters like playing it and I enjoy listening to it.

Dr Loh Kai Woh - Singapore

The sound of our band has gone from A to Z.

V. Pichon, Quebec

She arrived!! I absolutely love your violin, and don't see anything so far that is not perfect for me. By the way, the color is spectacular I was so happy that I could still see the wood grain. The paint job is flawless and so smooth. You did a wonderful job, and I love it!

Les Read - Cornwall, UK

Yes, I have received the violin, and it is astoundingly beautiful. Thank you very much

Arthur Kan – Bermuda

The customer is very happy and extremely satisfied with it.

O.Siemienow, Maestro-Musik Service, Berlin