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Vector Instruments builds Canada's most popular Electric Upright Basses, favored by touring artists for their unparalleled sound and dependability. They are equally at home on stage as in the studio.

Vector Electric Upright Basses
combine finely crafted hardwood bodies with State-of-the-Art electronics to guarantee you a wide array of tones, limitless volume and no chance of feedback.

The small size and low weight
are an asset to the touring bassist and the streamlined bodies offer unrestricted access to all playing positions.

Every Vector Electric Bass
is considered a custom instrument and all parts can be crafted to your exact specifications. Neck dimensions, scale length and finish can be ordered at no extra cost.

Talking with players I have found that there are many reasons for choosing a Vector Electric Upright Bass:

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                        head of electric bass
  • No feedback or squealing at high sound levels
  • Compact and less expensive for travel
  • To compete easily with electric guitars and drums
  • To protect a valuable acoustic instrument from wear and tear
  • To simplify travel arrangements
  • To be unique and increase stage presence
  • Radical looking design
  • Great acoustic sound at any volume
    (Check out the sound samples!)


If you're new to electric upright basses I suggest you first read the FAQ's.

If you have any questions
please don't hesitate to contact me and please remember that all basses are available for trials.

Nicholas M. Tipney

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