The Allegro Electric Cello

Perfect for Performance, Silent Practice & Travel

A finely crafted body and State-of-the-Art electronics

guarantees you a compact instrument with a wide array of tonalities, limitless volume and zero feedback.

The top and neck are handcrafted from select Curly Maple, while the body is carved from Black Walnut.

The fingerboard is choice Ebony and all fittings are of the highest quality.

Precision tuners ensure stable and accurate pitch under all conditions. Instruments are available in a wide spectrum of finishes, from Natural and Classical hues to Sunbursts and Solid colors, all at no extra charge.

The Barbera Multi-Transducer Bridge is the most accurate Electric Cello pickup on the market. It provides clarity and definition while retaining the overall warmth and subtlety of a fine acoustic instrument.

It offers a wide range of woody tones plus all the nuances of bow pressure and direction.

Pizzicato is delivered with great fundamental and bloom on each note.

The onboard preamp is the L.R.Baggs, chosen for its reputation as a reliable and transparent sounding unit.

It allows convenient onboard control over volume, bass and treble.

Despite its sleek and futuristic appearance, the Allegro Electric Cello retains all the necessary positioning cues for your hands and body.

All dimensions are standard and great care has been taken to create the balance and feel of a traditional Cello.

Upper shoulders and lower bouts are totally removable for travel and shipping and also allow experimentation with new positions and techniques.

Every Vector Electric Cello is a custom instrument built to fit your needs. Please enquire as most specifications such as neck dimensions, scale length and colors are available at no extra charge.

Allegro 4 String $ 5,995
Allegro 5 String ( Low F or Hi E ) $ 6,395

Custom Color:
$ 395
Flight Case $ 495
Stand $ 350

Comes with gig-bag and 1 year warranty.
Left handed models and Violas add 15%
For more details, see the prices & ordering page.

5-string Electric Cellos are available with Low F or High E. Fingerboard extensions are also available to Low E. The Allegro comes complete with a fully padded gig bag and a full one year warranty. Instruments are always available for a 5-day trial: please enquire.