Testimonials – Vector Electric Cello

Your masterpiece has been a great hit...everyone loves it and it when we were at Chuck Levin's Washington Music, the huge local performance supply house frequented by the likes of the Rolling Stones getting an amp, they said it was definitely the "Les Paul" of electric cellos.


Philip Jones-Maclean, VA

Your electric ccello is fabulous. Everyone who hears it loves it.

Vivian Fernandez- Albuquerque, NM

I am very excited to play the new cello. Thank you for all your skillful assistance in the designing and planning. It has truly been a pleasure interacting with you. If you should have any need for a reference from a satisfied client, I would be most happy to offer one. The cello looks great. The scroll looks especially excellent. It has a truly beautiful artistic form. I even like it better than the other custom scroll you have on your electric cello web page. You really did an exceptional job with it.

Jonathan Keeler Ph.D.- University of Wisconsin

The electric cello is wonderful! It was absolutely the best instrument I auditioned!

Jason Wang - Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra