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Electric Violins 101

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Violin Links

Here are a few links that you might find useful or interesting. Please contact me if they appear to have died or if you come across a site that should be more widely known.

General sites


  • Ember Swift - Lyndell Montgomery plays a Millennium and actually plucks out bass lines on it.
  • Plaid Tongued Devils - An amazing band from Calgary who deserve greater recognition. Jonathan Lewis plays a Millennium and several cuts from their latest CD are featured on the Vector Sampler Cd.
  • Tanya Kalmanovitch - Not a Vector player yet, but this lady is a major talent to watch out for.
  • Eileen Ivers - Personally I think that Eileen is the most exciting violin player on the planet. If you haven’t heard her yet, do yourself a favor and check out her recordings.


  • Barbera - I’ve been using Richards’ pickups from Day One. Simply the best!
  • Schatten - Les Schatten works wonders with inexpensive transducer designs which have contributed to the success of my Prodigy and Profundo models.


Online Groups

  • Canadian Viola Society -
  • Fiddle Fork - A new online fiddle community Fiddle and Alternative Strings Forum – Lots of discussions on Electric violins and gear.