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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1) Are preamps necessary?
  2. 2) What sort of amplifier do you recommend?
  3. 3) Does the bass make any sound acoustically?
  4. 4) Will I get any feedback?
  5. 5) Can I play with headphones?
  6. 6) How do I arrange to try one out?
  7. 7) What about insurance, duty and shipping charges?

1) Are preamps necessary?

The Lyric, Voyager and Profundo all have an EMG preamp mounted in the body with convenient access to volume and tone controls. There’s a 9V battery compartment, which allows the battery to be changed in a matter of seconds. Battery life is approximately 1,200 hours. The Millennium due to its minimal body has no place to put a preamp and battery, therefore a simple out board preamp is recommended.

2) What sort of amplifier do you recommend?

As your final sound is a direct result of the instrument/amplifier combination it is essential that you buy a compatible amp. I personally recommend the Clarus, made by Acoustic Image. It is designed exactly for my instruments. Powerful, full range sound, and exceedingly compact. Matched with an appropriate cabinet it is all you’ll ever need. Check out the Gear page for full details.

How much power do you need? If you only play by yourself at home or just with acoustic instruments, then 30-50 watts is sufficient. For small electric bands and school bands you will need at least 100 watts. If you don't intend to send a line out or mic the amp to the PA then I would recommend getting 200-300 watts.

3) Does the bass make any sound acoustically?

My instruments are not designed to be used acoustically. The small amount of sound they generate is chiefly to augment the bridge vibration. However, there is plenty of sound for you to play and practice without an amp.

4) Will I get any feedback?

I guarantee you that you will never experience any feedback at any volume level with your Vector Bass.

5) Can I play with headphones?

Yes you can, but unlike other Silent Basses, you plug into your stereo effects processor or amplifier. I don’t believe in having electronic effects on the bass because; a) like computers the technology changes too fast to keep up and something that is built in means the whole instrument soon becomes obsolete and b) far more control and options are available through an inexpensive effects processor.

6) How do I arrange to try one out?

Trials are available anywhere in North America. As I do not have dealers in many areas this is the best way to truly experience what a Vector Electric Upright could do for you. I suggest that you schedule the trial so that you can use the instrument at a practice or gig and really give it a good workout. I require a full deposit by VISA, certified check or money order prior to shipping. You will then receive the instrument in 2-3 days and will have up to 7 days to play it. Hopefully you will fall in love with it and want to keep it. If not, then you ship it back to me, at your expense and your deposit is returned. If you like it but decide that you want something more customized to your needs, then I pay for the return shipping and we start construction of your custom instrument.

7) What about insurance, duty and shipping charges?

Electric Upright Basses are classified under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) as "instruments played with a bow" and are therefore duty-free. They are bubble-packed inside a heavy-duty cardboard box and fully insured. Many players buy the custom fitted flite case and never have to worry about shipping again. But if you just intend to use it at home and around town then the included gig-bag will be sufficient. I ship worldwide and have never had a problem, in fact I am told by most people that they arrive still perfectly in tune! It generally takes 2-3 days in North America and 5-7 elsewhere. Full insurance is placed on all instruments and they are hand delivered right to your door. Costs are as follows:

Electric Upright   $ 50 CND   $100 USD   $200 USD