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Electric Upright Bass Gear

Here’s a selection of equipment that I have personally used and found to be complementary to my instruments. Some of it I can supply to you directly and the rest you should be able to find yourself. Please support your local music store!

Clarus Acoustic Image

The Clarus is a compact and powerful integrated amplifier
for acoustic and electric instruments. Combining a flexible four-band preamp section and a 300 watt amplifier in a compact 5 pound package, it provides transparent, powerful and accurate sound reproduction across the full frequency spectrum. When combined with a high quality speaker system, the Clarus facilitates the ultimate in sound reproduction.

All this in a package that is so small and lightweight that it is dwarfed by amplifiers of comparable features and output. Despite its reasonable cost, the Clarus doesn’t skimp on features.

A sophisticated preamp section provides 4-band equalization, a selectable notch or high pass filter, effects looping and a balanced direct out.

List price:$875   My price:$785


Haggerty Bass Cabinet

In a collaborative effort with Haggerty Enclosures we now offer a speaker system designed specifically for the 4 and 5-string Electric Upright Bass.

This is an audiophile quality cabinet that can accurately produce the full range of the Bass down to 30 Hz at all volume levels.

Compact and very musical, it is the perfect companion to a Vector Electric Upright. Combined with an Acoustic Image amplifier, it provides 180 watts of floor-shaking volume.

These enclosures also come with extra rack spaces on top to hold amplifiers and effects processors. Also shown is the custom Black Walnut model. (Clarus amplifier not included)

MODEL B-210 Specifications:

Watts: 250
Ohms: 8
Loudness: 120 db.
Size: 21”x 20”x12”
Weight: 42lbs.
Range: 30-5,000hz
Speakers: 2 x 10”

$650 with 1-4 rack spaces
$1,095 in Select Hardwoods


Ocean Case

Protect your investment! These cases are the best protection you can get. If you do any amount of traveling and gigging you won’t regret it. Everything is padded and protected and there’s even wheels for added convenience.