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Electric Upright Bass Testimonials

I also included a demo of my Salsa band "El Fuego" I hope you like the sound of the upright, everybody else does. It's probably the best investment I ever made.

Steven Hache (Lyric)

Since I've had your upright Rita (MacNeil) wants it on all her tunes...

Bruce Dixon (Lyric)

"This unit is the best transducer on the market. It reproduces both pizzicato and arco playing in a simply amazing fashion, with startling volume available and great sonic reproduction in all playing modes. It needs no improvement. My favorite bass will never part with the Barbera Transducer; it's the best by far for volume, balance, and true acoustic-bass sound enhancement. I loved the woody sound of the Vector"

Bob McCaskey of Bass Player Magazine on the Barbera Multi-Transducer Bridge:

Nick, this new bass sounds wonderful! It's deep and very even across the range, and it doesn't have that muted sound that the wood solidbodies usually have. It doesn't, to my ears, have quite the hollow acoustic sound of my bass, but it's darn close - a more natural sound than any bodiless bass I've heard, and better than a lot of acoustic basses with anything less than first-class amplification. A very satisfying bass to play. It's even more consistent in sound than my bass, where I have to be pretty aggressive on the low string if I'm playing Barbera-only. This one's solid, even the low F, the make-or-break note.
The bowed sound is really good - natural, complex but not too noisy. It balances the plucked sound in the same way a classical player would expect, and is louder than a jazz player might expect (jazz guys usually have weak bowed sound and I think it's the strings they use - those Ray Brown ones I first had - as much as their technique). I think it's a WINNER of a design. If I win the lottery, expect an order for a five-string bass and a seven-string gamba the next morning. (Millennium)

Hi Nick,
The bass is playing great, nice action, sustain, and playability. I appreciate your work


I don't usually get this forward attitude but I think this is a great product (Profundo). It is the best I have ever played.

Danny S

Fabulous instrument !! and I'm playing it in public for the first time on Saturday night. Can't wait!

Wade Penhorn - Music Director, College of the North Atlantic - NFLD (35" Lyric)

Saw your instrument played by Carl Feddema of the "Dustkickers". Amazing sound and stage presence.

David Brown - Vancouver (Lyric)